PC Paging with netpage

Send text messages to anyone in your building right from your PC

In today’s highly competitive world, finding staff members when they’re away from their desks is crucial, especially in larger facilities. But, now it’s easy to do with the NetPage PC Paging system.

NetPage lets you send detailed text messages instantly from any stand-alone or network computers to a sales person or any other staff member in your building wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. It’s faster than cell phones and voice-mails, and it isn’t disruptive or easily missed like overhead paging.

Page one person or entire groups. Let them know they have an important call or one of 65 other pre-canned messages. No one ever has to miss an important message again.

Simple to install and use

Each employee is issued an LRS pager. The transmitter is connected to the server running the NetPage software while each user runs the NetPage client on their computer.

To send a message:
1. Pull up the NetPage screen
2. Click on a name
3. Type in a message or use a stored message
4. Click “Send” and the message will be sent instantly and silently.

PC Paging Benefits

  • Send detailed or pre-canned text messages
  • Reduce on-hold hangups
  • Increase productivity and response time
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Eliminate monthly fees if using cell phones
  • Messages delivered instantly to LRS alphanumeric pagers
  • Page individuals or entire groups
  • Eliminate overhead paging for a quieter, more relaxed environment
  • Maintain a professional atmosphere with silent messaging
  • Simple to install and use

PC Paging Features

  • Includes transmitter, NetPage software and alphanumeric pagers
  • Message memory - software remembers custom messages
  • Supports up to 9,999 LRS Alphanumeric pagers
  • Ships with license for up to 10 users (additional licenses may be purchased at any time)
  • Sends up to 255 characters• USB interface• Free 24/7 live technical support line
  • USB interface
  • Free 24/7 live technical support line

System Requirements


  • Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
  • i386 - Linux
  • Available RS232 Serial Port
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol


  • Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
  • i386 - Linux
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol


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Netpage Screen shot

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Netpage Transmitter

Compatible equipment


> SP5 One Line Alpha

> Alphanumeric Pager


> Alpha Coaster


> AdverTeaser


> Service Pager


> Coaster Call