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We Are Committed To Quality

Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the leading innovator of guest and staff management systems for almost 15 years. In 1995, we invented the popular coaster guest pager and now provide more pagers than anyone else. We also offer over 35 other products designed to help full-service and fast casual restaurants streamline operations, improve service and increase sales every day.

Based in Dallas, Texas we are an international company with sales/service offices throughout the world. We constantly listen to the needs of our customers and develop new products based on those needs. Not only do we provide the highest quality, most durable products on the market, we also offer exclusive products and services no other company can.

We were the first to offer: Lifetime warranty plans for peace-of-mind*; Anti-theft system for reducing lost pagers; Auto locating for finding missing pagers; and Cell Phone Paging to reduce pager loss and provide better customer service.

As the innovation leader, we own several key patents in the wireless and RF fields and continually strive to revolutionize the way business is done.


  • First Coaster Pager (Patented) 1995
  • First Stack-Charging System (Patented)  1995
  • First Anti-Theft System for Pagers 1996
  • First Electronic Comment Card 1997 (Patented)
  • First Low-Cost Seating System 1997
  • First Cell-Phone Paging System 1999 (Patented)
  • First RF Reprogrammable Server Pager 2001
  • First Fast Casual Receiver 2002 (Patented)
  • First Fast Casual Table Locator 2002 (Patented)
  • First Curbside/To-Go Paging System 2002
  • First Blue Coaster Pager 2002
  • First Lobster Pager for Guests 2003 (Patented) 2003
  • First Trivia Game Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Sombrero-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Horseshoe-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Cactus-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Tire-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Pizza-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Fish-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • First Crab-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented) 2004
  • Click-Ahead Seating 2004
  • First Network-based Transmitter with integrated guest paging, cell phone paging, table and seating management and wait list management 2004
  • Automated Call-Ahead Seating 2004

We also offer 24/7 technical support and outstanding warranties to all of our customers.

*When enrolled in Easy-Care



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