Waiter Server Paging System Transmitter - Model T9601

The Waiter Paging System is one of LRS's (Long Range Systems) strongest waiter pagers and most popular in design.

The Waiter Paging System from LRS is the only on-site Waiter Paging System to feature wireless programmability. This enables the waiter to easily change the number of any pager from the transmitter at their location. This Waiter Paging System is ideal for waiters in restaurants eliminating the need for grease pencils and white boards. It is also the only rechargeable pager that utilizes a pager cradle instead of an attached belt clip. The pager cradle minimizes breakage limiting service costs and repair fees.

The LRS Waiter Pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS Waiter Pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication.

Every Industry that uses the Waiter Paging System, has consistently complemented the strength and reliability of this premium waiter paging product.

The T9601 is your low-cost server-paging solution. Ideal for smaller restaurants and bars, this UHF transmitter can page up to 16 servers with the simple push of a button. It also features built-in dry-erase magnets that let you change server names quickly.

For larger restaurants, multiple T9601 transmitters can be used in different locations. It supports nine station “IDs” for easy identification of each transmitter.

Product Features:

  • Wireless pager programmability
  • One-Touch Paging- Up to 16 servers
  • Multiple Vibration Modes - Vibe 1, 2, 3
  • Duty Page – Automatically notifies staff members of regularly scheduled tasks (check bathrooms, drain dishwater, etc.)
  • Removable Magnetic Name Plates
  • All-Page Function
  • Simultaneous Manager Paging
  • Built-in dry erase pen holder
  • Built-In Clock
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Can be used at multiple stations
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Wireless programmability allows facilities to renumber pagers on site.
  • Rechargeable transmitter allows for freedom of movement.
  • Can serve as backup guest paging transmitter.
  • The all-page feature can notify staff simultaneously.
  • Simple operation.
  • Up to 4 messages can be sent.
  • The all page feature can notify all pagers at the same time.
  • Range test mode shows you the operating range of the pager.


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