Gift Card Self-Service Freedom – Givex and Long Range Systems Inc. Announce New Integration

Anthony Lewy
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Givex Corporation, a card management company specializing in stored value transaction processing, and Long Range Systems, the innovators behind the EZ Card Kiosk, announce today the successful integration of the Givex gift card program with Long Range System’s EZ Card Kiosk.

The EZ Card Kiosk is a product designed to provide customers with the option of self-service, and the freedom of avoiding line-ups for the next cashier.  The self-contained unit dispenses gift cards all year-round, and is a huge benefit for everyone; right down to the customer.  For Givex, the EZ Card Kiosk will continue to enhance their exposure in the market, while consumers can enjoy the flexibility this product has to offer.  Merchants can use the EZ Card Kiosk as a new initiative or to promote the growth of an existing gift card program.

“This new integration is a great thing for Givex and all of our clients,” states Patrick Brown, VP marketing, Givex.  “By making our cards available through the EZ Card Kiosk, Long Range Systems has assisted us in taking the convenience of our cards to a whole new level”.  Brown continues.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Givex.  We both share similar customers and can help each other grow the gift card business,” states Jim Livingston, VP of sales, Long Range Systems Inc. “Givex continues to manufacture gift cards and we help those customers find more ways of selling them using the EZ Card Kiosk.  It is convenient, easy to use and provides a point of purchase in-store marketing program to offer gift cards all year long.  Gift Card sales will increase with the use of the EZ Card Kiosk”, Livingston adds.

About Givex

Givex is a global provider of powerful card management technologies. Our focus is to deliver excellent customer acquisition and retention tools that optimize revenue for our partners. Our experience, reliability, and commitment to building long term partner relationships has helped establish Givex as an industry leader in North America and Europe. For more information please visit

About Long Range Systems, Inc.  

Since 1993, Long Range Systems, Inc. (LRS) based in Dallas, Texas has been a leading innovator of on-premise wireless enterprise communications solutions for the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and food service industries. Offering guest paging, staff paging, electronic survey systems, table management, and gift card kiosk solutions, LRS is widely recognized for introducing the first coaster-style paging system to restaurants worldwide.