Johnny Carino's Calls Waiting Guests on their Own Cell Phones

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Johnny Carino's Calls Waiting Guests on their Own Cell Phones

Dallas, TX- Austin, Texas based Johnny Carino's Country Italian has joined forces with another Texas-based company, Long Range Systems. Together the two plan to reduce wait time and pager loss. The fast growing country Italian restaurant has installed "The Trinity" in all locations across the U.S.

The Trinity was developed in 2000 when the on-premise paging provider LRS, saw the cell phone craze start to sweep the nation. The new system allows waiting guests to be paged on their personal cell phone or pager. According to a Gallop Poll in April of 2000, more than half of all Americans own cell phones.

"Johnny Carino's is excited about the Trinity system and what it can do for our restaurants as we continue to grow. We were initially attracted to the Trinity system because of the personal cell phone/pager feature," said David Prichard, Opening Unit Director of Johnny Carino's. "This gives our guests an alternative to waiting for a pager to buzz, listening for their name to be called, or looking up at a number display."

Great food often translates to a long wait. Now, while guests await Johnny Carino's famous "Grandioso" family platters, they can relax at the bar, hang out on the patio, or enjoy their surroundings. "We want it to be as easy as possible for the guest and the Trinity allows us to do that," says Prichard.

Upon arrival, the guests are greeted by a cheerful host/hostess who inquires if they have a personal cell phone or pager. If so, the number is entered into the Trinity, otherwise an on-premise pager is given. When the table is ready a pre-recorded message informs the party that their table is now ready at Johnny Carino's. Carino's also uses this as a marketing opportunity by mentioning special features, upcoming events, etc.

"The Trinity system pays for itself within 3 months," estimated Ken Lovegreen, President of LRS. "Service and replacement costs are drastically reduced, while restaurant productivity goes up."

"With the number of people carrying cell phones/pagers, this is a way for us to meet our guests' ever-changing needs," says Prichard. Lovegreen agrees.

Johnny Carino's Country Italian and Long Range Systems know the formula to success must include great food, an inviting atmosphere and outstanding service. With the Trinity the formula is complete.

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