Long range systems rolls out system to help eateries

From the June 3, 2005 Dallas Business print edition

Jeff Bounds
Staff Writer

Long Range Systems Inc., a Dallas supplier of paging technology, has rolled out a personal computer-and-camera system to help restaurants speed up their take-out service.

The Complete Curbside System, which debuted at the National Restaurant Show 2005 in Chicago in May, monitors up to four lanes with one camera. When a customer arrives in a parking spot, it pages servers and records how much time elapses until the customer leaves.

A curbside personal computer keeps running averages of greeting and service times, and cars served, with data periodically sent to a manager's pager if desired. Managers can also get paged if service-time benchmarks they've established are exceeded.

Complete Curbside also provides reports on greeting and service times on daily, weekly or monthly bases. Long Range (www.lrsaustralia.com.au) says that data can be shared throughout a restaurant chain.

Launched in 1993, Long Range supplies paging technologies to a range of industries, from auto dealerships to country clubs and pharmacies. Restaurant companies that have used its technology include Austin's Fuddruckers and Johnny Carino's Country Italian.

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