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Christian A. Römmert
Managing Director
LRS Europe GmbH
+49 531 23547 25


Business Operators Overcome Smoking Ban Limitation With Button Butler

September 2008, Braunschweig, Germany – LRS Europe, a division of LRS, Inc., the leading innovator of onsite paging solutions, introduces the Button Butler, a push-for-service paging system that will help European operators in the hospitality industry overcome the effects of the European smoking ban.

Following the enforcement of the legislation that prohibits or partially bans smoking inside pubs and restaurants throughout Europe, many operators are facing hard cuts in revenues with a declining number of guests. As guests are forced to either smoke outside or in a separate lounge, providing them with quality service becomes difficult, and leads to unsatisfied guests who may not return.

The Button Butler is an onsite paging system that allows guests to page a server by simply pressing a “Service” button when they want to request service. It alleviates the dissatisfaction felt by customers who are bound to smoking areas (outdoors or in a smoking lounge) by allowing servers to provide these guests the same level of service as they render to non-smoking guests. “The system is designed to help businesses become more profitable by increasing customer satisfaction and increasing sales,” comments Christian Römmert, LRS Europe, Managing Director.

As a result of the ban, many operators are forced to undertake high cost investments to change their business model in order to accommodate to the requirements of the new law. According to Römmert, “The Button Butler provides a low cost solution. Not only does the restaurant owner benefit from better service and more satisfied customers, but also significant is the average return on investment of less than 60 days”.

The Button Butler system will initially be rolled out as a starter kit to allow business owners the opportunity to put the system to trial; and additional units can be ordered to fit operational needs. Each system is pre-configured and includes one (1) Button Butler transmitter, and one (1) LRS alphanumeric pager. The Button Butler transmitter is weatherproof so it can be mounted in any indoor or outdoor location. A customer or staff member pushes the button on the transmitter when assistance or service is needed. A pre-programmed message is instantly sent to any person wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager, and they can immediately respond to the request.

The Button Butler is not limited to smoking areas, restaurants, and pubs. The system is flexible and can be used in any environment where the option to request service or assistance is desired. Other applications include beer-gardens, hotels, marinas, beaches, conference rooms, warehouses, and retail stores.

For further information about the Button Butler, visit the product’s website site at For information about the company’s other product offerings visit the LRS Europe website at or call 0800 6647552.

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