Unique CurbAlert™ provides curbside service and measures server performance

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


Unique CurbAlert™ provides curbside service and measures server performance

Dallas, TX – Long Range Systems (LRS), the innovation leader of on-site guest and staff paging, now presents the unique CurbAlert™ curbside to-go system. What makes CurbAlert so unique is that it is the only curbside system that also monitors server productivity and reaction time.

“According to industry research, curbside delivery can increase revenue by over 10%,” explains Jim Livingston, vice president of sales at LRS. “That’s why restaurants are adding this convenient service all the time. Now CurbAlert makes adding the service fast, simple and affordable for any size restaurant.”

With this all-in-one system, major invasive construction such as loop sensor installation, concrete posts and major electrical wiring isn’t necessary. You just install a weatherproof video camera, a color monitor and software. The camera watches up to six parking lanes. Then, when a car arrives, the system instantly alerts a server wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. That way, the server can handle other tasks instead of having to constantly keep an eye on the parking lot.

The CurbAlert monitor is a 15” color LCD, paging transmitter and PC all in one unit. Besides paging a server when a guest drives up, it’s also the only curbside system that records how long it takes the server to greet that guest. If it takes too long, a manager can automatically be paged. By monitoring server performance, you make sure guests are always getting the service they deserve.

To help further measure server performance, CurbAlert provides daily summary reports featuring average greet times, average total service times, number of cars served and the percentage of target times met. You can even compare server performance data from multiple locations (optional).

For more information, call LRS at 1-800-437-4996, or visit their website at www.lrsaustralia.com.au. CurbAlert is just one of a full line of hospitality performance products from LRS.  

LRS has been the innovation leader in guest and server paging and management systems since 1993.

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