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Electronic comment card

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


Electronic comment card provides more guest feedback than other survey methods

Dallas, TX, May 16, 2007 – Long Range Systems (LRS) announces that it has changed the name of its Informant survey system. This unit is now part of the company’s line of Allegiant customer loyalty tools, and it will be called the Electronic Comment Card. Although the name has changed, it still offers the same powerful — and instant — guest feedback service as before.

This survey unit provides more accurate customer feedback than other survey methods like mystery shoppers, phone surveys, paper comment cards and online surveys. It provides instant feedback from up to 85% of guests polled every day. It’s the only solution that offers a true measurement of guest satisfaction and loyalty.

“A recent university study reported that increasing customer retention by 5 to 11% can increase profits by an incredible 25 to 75%,” states Jim Livingston, Vice President of Sales for Long Range Systems. “That’s just one reason why Shoney’s, BD’s Mongolian Barbeque and other major restaurants are using the Electronic Comment Card to get ahead in today’s competitive foodservice industry.”

The Electronic Comment Card is easy to use. It’s a small, patented electronic tray that is handed to guests with the check. While their check is being processed, guests answer a series of simple questions using a keypad. These questions can be customized to help measure the key areas of a restaurant’s operation such as food quality and service. It also helps establish customer demographic profiles to use for marketing and building guest loyalty.

During the survey, if a guest provides a negative answer, the system automatically sends a message to a manager wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. This lets the manager speak with the guest and correct the problem before they leave the restaurant. No other survey method offers this important feature.

Once the survey is completed, the trays are returned to a docking station/charger. That night, the data is automatically transferred directly through an analog phone line or high-speed internet connection to a secure offsite database. Pre-designed daily or weekly reports are then generated and distributed via
e-mail to specified management team members in PDF format. The data is also available on a secured customer site and can be exported as .csv or Excel files.

Restaurants can use the Allegiant reports to benchmark current performance in all areas and pinpoint possible problems. This valuable information is vital when it comes to maintaining and improving guest satisfaction and increasing market share.

For more information, call 1-800-437-4996 or visit Allegiant’s Electronic Comment Card is just one of a full line of hospitality performance products from LRS.

LRS has been the innovation leader in guest and server paging and management systems since 1993.

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