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EZ Card

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


Gift card dispenser increases gift card sales automatically

Dallas, TX – Long Range Systems (LRS) presents EZ Card™, the automated gift card dispenser that makes buying gift cards faster and easier for guests and restaurants. It lets guests purchase cards of any amount all year round without interrupting servers or staff.

“The EZ Card system boosts impulse purchases, increases sales, promotes customer loyalty and reduces labor needed during holiday seasons” explains Jim Livingston, vice president of sales at LRS. “It’s safer, too. Unlike gift cards hanging on racks or sitting on the counter, EZ Card prevents card fraud because the cards are locked inside the unit.”

EZ Card is simple to use. Your guest just swipes their credit card to begin the process, selects the amount they want, and the unit dispenses the card once the credit card is approved through your standard ethernet network. Your guests are happier because it’s much faster than standing in line waiting to purchase a card. Your staff is happier because they can focus on serving seated guests.

The unit fits almost anywhere. It mounts on a wall or sits on a bar or counter. EZ Card can also be positioned in open areas with an optional metal floor stand. It’s distinctive look and video graphics grab attention easily, no matter where it’s displayed.

Besides selling gift cards, EZ Card also helps generate revenue in other ways. The 10.4” color video screen can display up to five video advertisements. Use them to promote your restaurant, or even show advertisements from your vendors.

It holds up to 250 of your non-programmed cards and visually alerts and pages a manager when cards are low. Loaded gift cards can be swiped to determine remaining balance. It includes a built-in receipt printer, standard VESA mount and email keyboard. Multilingual interface is available.

The system also includes a survey function that measures customer satisfaction. Plus, you can use it to collect email addresses so you can let guests know about new menu items and promotions.

For more information, call LRS at 1-800-437-4996, or visit their website at EZ Card is just one of a full line of hospitality performance products from LRS.

LRS has been the innovation leader in guest and server paging and management systems since 1993.

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