Encrypted Alphanumeric Paging

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


LRS Continues Innovation Leadership with Encrypted Alphanumeric Paging

Addison, TX, January 11, 2008 – Long Range Systems (LRS), a producer of patient and family onsite wireless paging solutions since 1993, continues to show its innovation leadership with a transmitter that encrypts messages sent to its alphanumeric pagers. Ideal for industries where information privacy and security are of concern, the message encrypting Alpha pager is especially helping medical organizations comply with regulations set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The establishment of HIPAA regulations has raised awareness among the medical community of the increased threats in privacy and security of medical information. LRS’ message encrypting transmitters are designed to satisfy HIPAA’s privacy safeguard requirements regarding data confidentiality. Message confidentiality is protected when medical staff sends messages between one another or to a patient or the patient’s family via an LRS transmitter. The message is decrypted when received by one of LRS’ alphanumeric pagers. The encryption protects communication, ensuring that unintended recipients can’t intercept sent data through publicly available wireless frequencies.

The encrypted alphanumeric paging is only one among several medical paging solutions that LRS has introduced to the medical community. Pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes have realized the benefits of LRS’ medical paging solutions:

  1. Improved interoffice communication
  2. Increased patient privacy
  3. Improved patient flow
  4. Measured patient satisfaction.

According to Jim Livingston, LRS’ Vice President of Sales, “Recognizing the major financial investments that medical organizations are already making in order to comply to HIPAA regulations, our medical paging solutions are designed to be a low cost, easy-to-install, effective solution to enhancing communication, and maintaining the privacy and security of patient information”.

For further information about LRS’ encrypted alphanumeric paging or the company’s other products and service offerings, visit the company’s website at www.lrsaustralia.com.au or call 800-437-4996.

About LRS
Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the leading supplier of onsite wireless paging systems since 1993. Based in Addison, Texas, LRS serves a global market with offices around the world. The company first introduced the popular coaster guest pager in 1995, and since then has been an innovation forerunner with 19 patents. LRS demonstrates its leadership by providing superior onsite paging solutions to clients across multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies.  The company maintains total control of engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and performance. LRS offers value driven products that provide solutions to its customers in streamlining operations, increasing service levels, and increasing sales.

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