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Key Call ™ - Table Locator System

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager



“Food auctions” are becoming a thing of the past with the Key Call Table Locator System by Long Range Systems (LRS). The system is being used in fast casual concepts to decrease food delivery time and enhance customer service. To provide a solution for efficient food delivery, this unique system keeps track of patrons after they place their orders, and when the orders are ready, food runners quickly get the food to the right table.

When guests place their order, they are given a “key”, which they insert into the Key Call unit located at their table. The order number and table number are wirelessly transmitted to a Key Call Status Screen. As orders are ready, food-runners check the Key Call Status Screen and locate guests quickly as they know where they are seated before leaving the kitchen. Especially significant during busy hours, food runners are able to deliver food right away, and to the right table. This allows restaurateurs to turn tables faster; meanwhile, guests are satisfied with faster service, and the delivery of their food while it’s still fresh and hot.

The system has an added feature that allows managers to monitor and analyze performance levels with real time reporting. By setting optimal food delivery times, the system will page a manager when food has not been delivered in the specified time frame. This feature ensures that guests get their food when it is ready and allows the manager to immediately address any issues with staff efficiency and performance. The system’s design also has an optional Push For Service feature that allows guests the convenience of paging their server when they need assistance. Push For Service gives Fast Casual restaurants the same level of service as Full Service Casual dining.

Included in the system is the Key Call Status LCD monitor that can be stationed in the kitchen. The Key Call table unit has a sleek, stylish, chrome-plated design. The unit is mounted on a tabletop, and is water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. Located on both sides of the unit are display panels that allow for promotions and advertisements.

LRS will be exhibiting at booths #5437 and #3237.

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