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key call - table locater system

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


Get rid of table tents and go high tech with the Key Call™ table locater system

Dallas, TX – The days of old-fashioned table tents are long gone. Now restaurants are going high tech with the unique Key Call™ electronic table locater system from Long Range Systems (LRS). This system was designed especially for fast casual concepts where servers deliver food to the table.

“Key Call finally eliminates the problem of servers wandering through the restaurant searching for a guest’s table by letting them know where the guest sat before they leave the kitchen,” explains Jim Livingston, vice president of sales at LRS. “With this one-of-a-kind system, servers and expeditors can deliver food quickly while it’s still hot.”

Key Call is easy to set up and simple to use. When a guest places an order at the counter, they’re given an order “Key”. At that point the order appears on the Key Call Status Screen on a display in the kitchen and a timer is started. Next, the guest inserts the “Key” into the Key Call unit located at any table, and the unit transmits the table number to the Status Screen. When their order is ready, the server or expediter checks the Status Screen for the table number and knows exactly where to go. If orders take too long to deliver, the system will page a manager to let them know. For restaurants offering take-out service, the system also works with LRS guest pagers that flash when their food is ready to pickup.

The stylish Key Call units are 5-3/4” high and have a chrome finish. They operate on three AA batteries and have an average battery life of twelve months, depending on usage. The units are water resistant so they can be used on patios and other outdoor areas. It also protects them from accidental beverage spills. There are enclosed spaces on both sides of the unit for printed inserts of the restaurant logo or advertisements. Key Call is also available with an optional Push-for-Service button that allows guests to page their waiter when they need refills, the check, etc.

For more information, call 1-800-437-4996, or visit Key Call is the latest in a full line of hospitality performance products from LRS.

LRS has been the innovation leader in guest and server paging and management systems since 1993.

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