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LRS Unveils the "key"


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LRS Unveils The “Key” To Improving Service In Fast Casual Restaurant Operations

Stoke on Trent, UK, December 11, 2007 – Long Range Systems has introduced its “Key Call” Table Locator System to the UK market. Fast casual restaurants will benefit from the Key Call System features that provide a total solution to improving food delivery, as well as, customer service.

With fast casual dining concepts, it is safe to say that good service includes fast service. Food runners shouldn’t waist time locating customers which can lead to delivering cold food, or the wrong food to guests, resulting in unsatisfied customers. With LRS’ Key Call Table Locator System, guests get exactly what they came for without sacrificing good service. According to Jeff Jones, a spokesperson for LRS, “One of the main functions of the Key Call is to make the runner’s job easier in finding customers; which in the end makes the customer happier”.

Order keys are given to guests when they place their orders. Guests insert their order key into the Key Call unit located at their table. The Key Call unit wirelessly communicates with the Key Call Status Screen, which displays the order number and the table number of where the food is to be delivered. As orders are ready, food runners can easily and quickly locate their guest.

Gone are the days of increasing wait staff to accommodate busy periods. In addition to the instant guest-locating feature, each Key Call unit is equipped with a push-for–service button that gives guests the added convenience of paging their server or food runner when needed. This minimizes staff increase during busy periods, while maintaining a level of satisfaction for the guests.

The unit automatically updates the Key Call Status Screen when an order has been delivered or it sends an alert page to managers when delivery time has elapsed. This added feature helps to ensure that customers receive their orders in a timely manner. The Key Call Unit has a chrome plated, water-resistant design making it ideal for outdoor usage.

About LRS

Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the innovation leader in guest, server, and staff paging systems since 1993. With over 35 products, the company is dedicated to providing onsite wireless paging solutions to various industries.


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