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LRS now offers biggest selection of guest paging systems

Dallas, TX –Long Range Systems (LRS), the company that invented the popular coaster pagers that let guests know when their table is ready, now offers more types of guest paging than any other company.

“We’ve been the innovation leader in guest paging since we invented the coaster pager in 1995,” explains Jim Livingston, vice president of sales at LRS. “Now, no matter what type of casual, casual-plus or fast casual restaurant you operate, we have a guest pager that will serve your needs.”

In full-service restaurants, these silent pagers let guests know when their table is ready. In fast casual restaurants, they let them know when their food is ready to pick up. Either way, they help serve guests faster so restaurants increase table turns and reduce walk-aways.

There are seven models available: The original Coaster Call® that comes in three colors; The one-of-a-kind Pizza Pager™, a pizza-shaped pager designed for Italian restaurants and pizzerias; the Lobster Call™ lobster-shaped pager for seafood restaurants; and the AdverTeaser® pager that features a double-sided space for promoting your restaurant or vendor advertising.

Cell phone paging is also available. The company’s T7450 Trinity and T7500 transmitters let you send a page to all their guest pagers, plus they can call a guest’s cell phone with a prerecorded message. It’s perfect for malls, strip centers, water front locations or anywhere pager loss is a concern.

Every pager features silent paging to eliminate disruptive overhead paging; Anti-theft and auto-locate to minimize pager loss; Adjustable power level so you can control pager range; and a unique restaurant identification signal so you won’t have interference from neighboring restaurants using paging systems.

LRS rechargeable pagers are also the most durable and reliable pagers available. They are made of extremely durable Lexan plastic to survive even the most rugged environments. Each uses rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries that last years longer than alkaline batteries. They also have no “memory” problems so they accept a full charge every time. Plus, every pager and transmitter is backed with free 24/7 live technical support.

For more information, call 1-800-437-4996 or visit These pagers are just a few of the hospitality performance products available from LRS.

LRS has been the innovation leader in guest and server paging and management systems since 1993.

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